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The Earth gets a fifth Ocean

We learn at school that there are four oceans – the Atlantic, Indian, Pacific and Arctic Oceans. However, the National Geographic Society now accepts there is a « Southern Ocean ». This is around the South Pole and Antarctica. Geography teachers will now teach students that the world has five oceans. National Geographic said: « We think it’s really important from an educational [viewpoint]…to bring attention to the Southern Ocean as a fifth ocean. »

Learning about the Southern Ocean will change how children see the world and climate change. National Geographic said students must learn about how important oceans are to the world. It said: « Antarctica forms a distinct ecological region defined by ocean currents and temperatures. » It added that the Southern Ocean has « unique and fragile marine ecosystems » full of wonderful ocean life like whales, penguins and seals.

At 20 million square kilometres (sq km) the Southern Ocean is not the largest. The Pacific Ocean is the largest ocean in the world, making up around 28% of the world’s surface area at 165m sq km. Number two is the Atlantic Ocean at 106m sq km. Number 3 is the Indian Ocean which is 70m sq km and the warmest ocean. Arctic Ocean is the smallest and coldest at just 14m sq km. Seas are smaller than oceans. The largest sea is the Coral Sea (5m sq km). It contains the Great Barrier Reef.

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